Eva Fairnell | STM Copy-Editor & Proofreader


Examples of the software I have used for various end products are listed below, followed by a list of the subjects I have most experience in and knowledge of. However, these lists are not exhaustive. I am always happy to embrace new technologies and the challenge of new subject areas.

Software skills

Specialist subjects

Additional information

I was trained in-house at Blackwell Scientific Publications in 1987 as a scientific, technical and medical (STM) copy-editor and proofreader on a variety of scientific journals. I chose to go freelance in 1993, after working for the National Curriculum Council.

As well as journal production, I have worked on many educational textbooks, from Key Stage 1 to A2, predominantly in the field of biology. As part of my continuing professional development, I became a part-time PhD student in the field of archaeology in 2004, graduating in 2012.

My subject areas are science and social science generally, and more specifically environmental biology and zooarchaeology. As a research student I have had my own articles published, so I have first-hand knowledge of the publication process from authorship, to peer review, copy-editing, proofreading and final production, be that for print or HTML newsletter.